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5 No Cost Tricks To Sell Your Home Quick

Right now, the Sarasota real estate market is hot. Sellers are enjoying a bit of an advantage as inventories remain relatively low, and, buyers are more motivated than ever in previous years. With interest rates still near historic lows, but starting to slightly creep-up, more loan product availability, and, two big changes to credit scoring, buyers are taking advantage of the timing and are actively looking for their dream homes.

The year of 2015 started off with a bang and that trend has only continued. Local and national market experts are predicting big things to unfold as the year goes by, and, because property values are on a steady increase, more homeowners are listing their houses for sale. Though sellers do have somewhat of an upper hand in the current market, there is still much competition to best, and, buyers will definitely go for what offers the most of what they are looking for.

You might be in a position of having to relocate, or, it's just time to move into something else. The good news is, there are plenty of properties out there, but, your challenge is to sell your current home. Few people can carry two mortgages at once, and, even when in the position to be able, it's one that creates a lot of stress and frustration. So, you've got to make yours stand-out, and, you can do this for free, by staging it. Homes that are staged, sell on average, in just 23 days, which is 87 percent faster than homes that aren't staged, according to a study conducted by the Real Estate Staging Association.

What Buyers Want Most in a Home

It's very important to know exactly what motivates house hunters into making offers. The days of buying a fixer-upper are behind us, it's now move-in ready that buyers are most interested in and the sales statistics show this to be true. The more move-in ready a home is, the more attractive it becomes because the last thing the vast majority of buyers want is to put more money into their new home.
Some economists expect 2015 to be a good one for home sales because mortgage interest rates will continue to hover at near historic lows, the overall economy is heating up and there's a lot of pent-up demand. For sellers looking to get the maximum out of their home sale, this all means they'll need to do some careful home prep and staging, without spending so much that they cut into profit from the sale. --U.S. News and World Report

Hit with a slew of expenses, including a home inspection, pest inspection, wind mitigation inspection, closing costs, earnest money deposit, and down payment, buyers welcome being able to get something worthwhile without having to spend more money.

5 No Cost Tricks to Sell Your Home Quick

You can do yourself and potential buyers a big favor by getting your home into move-in condition. What's great about this is, it won't cost you a single cent. You can get the same effect without having to pull out your wallet. Here are five no cost tricks to sell your home quick:

  1. Make more space with what's already there. Kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, closets, pantries, cabinets, storage areas, and more all consume vast amounts of clutter. Buyers absolutely love seeing a home with a lot of space. So, give them what they want and pack-up as much as you can to empty these spaces to about 30 percent capacity.

  2. Rearrange all the furniture. You've likely arranged the furniture in your home to make it as comfortable as possible. That could mean that it doesn't flow very well, and, here again, it reduces the amount of space. Open yet intimate is what you're aiming for and what buyers like most to see.

  3. Give it a real deep, deep clean. We're not talking a little tidying-up or even a spring cleaning. This has got to be very detailed, every nook and cranny must be cleaned. Ceiling fans, tile grout, faucets, window blinds, window panes, behind and underneath furniture--you get the idea.

  4. Set the dining table. There's a reason that every model home you've toured has a dining table, properly set, with elegant china, flatware, and linens. It helps buyers imagine themselves living in the home. Be careful not to overdo it, keep it simple to make it look roomy.

  5. Decorate with nature. Another neat trick is to pick fresh flowers and/or fruit to set out. Get a bit creative and pick flowering plants to put into a vase and fill a bowl with fruit. Both of these add charm and make rooms appear more homey.

One bonus tip you can also take advantage of is to up the curb appeal. It's amazing what a few colorful flowers and a fresh spread of mulch can do to make the landscape pop. Strategically place these around the mailbox, and, near the entrance.