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How Do I Get My Home Ready To Sell?

There are several things to consider when you are preparing your home to place it on the market. Many things that cost little or nothing can be done that will have a big impact. Here are a few:

Begin with a really deep cleaning of your home.

1. De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter…clearing off table tops, book cases, kitchen and bathroom counters, dresser tops—in general, creating a clean, streamlined look will allow potential buyers to really see your home and begin to imagine it as their home. Removing most or all personal photos also helps accomplish this. Closets should be organized.

2. If you have a lot of furniture in a room, especially the living room, consider removing some to create more space. Rearranging some pieces may create optimal space and improve the flow.

3. Make sure carpets are clean. Furniture should be clean and polished. Evaluate the paint on the walls. If you decide to paint any rooms, a neutral color will make the room seem larger and is appealing to most people.

4. Natural and artificial lighting are important factors. Windows should be clean and window treatments of such that they don’t obscure the light. Be sure light bulbs in lamps and ceiling fixtures are all working and that there are plenty of lamps for additional lighting.

5. Replace the old shower curtain with a stylish new one. Clean, sparkling tiles and fixtures will make your bathroom more attractive.

6. In the kitchen, make sure major appliances and the kitchen sink are clean, cabinets straight and orderly. Remove small appliances and other items from the countertops to make the kitchen seem more inviting.

7. The entry to your home is very important. Look carefully at the front door. Does it need painting? Maybe new hardware? Fresh mulch and a colorful potted plant near the front door go a long way.

8. Clear any clutter from your lawn, and keep the yard trimmed and neat. Power wash sidewalks, driveways and exterior walls if needed.

9. Regarding major updating or changes, you have to consider the payback on your investment. Usually, keeping any updating simple rather than spending a lot on fancy equipment or décor will bring results without cutting into your profit too much.