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Bradenton-Sarasota Ranked #1 For Well-Being In U.S.

Siesta_key_beachThe Bradenton-Sarasota-North Port earned the honor of being named the number 1 region for well-being in the country, according to research by the Gallup organization. Its well-being index scores 64.1, the highest among the 100 most populous metropolitan areas in the United States. Bradenton-Sarasota outranked Honolulu, Hawaii, Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, Raleigh, North Carolina and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. What's more, Bradenton-Sarasota is the only metro area in the state of Florida to rank in the top 10.

Gallup Research: Bradenton-Sarasota Well-Being Rating Highest in United States

The Bradenton-Sarasota area scored high in all five essential elements of the study. The elements include residents being happy with their work; enjoying supportive relationships; managing the finances responsibly for less stress; liking their location; feeling safe and possessing good health, as well as reporting high energy levels. This means residents of the Bradenton-Sarasota are content and feel secure in their finances, community and purpose.

"Improving and sustaining high well-being is vital to any population's overall health and economy. State, local and business leaders should consider specific well-being interventions that make the healthy choice the easy choice for their population. A comprehensive long-term environmental strategy creates not only a healthier population, but also a more productive workforce and a more robust economy." -- Janet Calhoun, senior vice president at Healthways

Gallup and Healthways have long-tracked the well-being index, beginning in 2008. This study included over 176,000 interviews with adults throughout the country, in each state, as well as the District of Columbia. The five elements in the well-being index measured by Gallup include several factors. The overall well-being score means the following about the area residents:

  • Residents exercise regularly and more frequently than other areas, reducing community wide obesity.

  • Residents have a sense of security, feeling safe about the area in which they live.

  • Residents readily enjoy access to basic necessities, such as food and healthcare.

  • Residents live within their financial means, handling money well.

  • Residents utilize their individuals strengths and learn new and interesting things.

"North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton, the community with the highest overall Well-Being Index score, does not lead in any element, but is in the top 12 in all five elements," Gallup explains. No other community scored a rating above 64. The polling organization also states its five elements of well-being are synergistic, complementing and capitalizing on one another.

The study is conducted over a twelve-month period, from January through December. Gallup utilizes the U.S. Office of Management and Budget defined metropolitan statistical areas, meaning more than one city or municipality are contained in all the regions. Participants include a minimum quota of 50 percent cellphone and 50 percent of landline. Numbers are selected through a random digit dial methodology.

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