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Inexpensive Weekend DIY Home Improvements


As the Sarasota real estate market inventory and pending sales continue to increase, you might be thinking about selling your house soon. To fetch the biggest return on your investment, your property must entice potential buyers. This is done by decluttering, depersonalizing, disinfecting, and staging. To really pique interest and get buyers through the door, you can do a few inexpensive weekend DIY home improvements.

Bad ROI Home Improvements

The trick is to choose the right improvements. While some might improve aesthetics and function, they don't necessarily pay off at resale. In fact, according to the Remodeling magazine’s 2016 Cost vs. Value Report, there are projects which you should avoid altogether, if you are going to sell your home. Making the list of bad ROI home improvements are a deck addition, upscale bathroom remodel, upscale master suite addition, upscale bathroom addition, and a modest bathroom addition.

It’s understandable if you, like many Americans, associate home improvement projects with money flying out your door. After all, the average bathroom remodel tops $16,000, according to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost Vs. Value Report. Replacing your windows runs $8,000 on average. Kitchens and master bedroom projects usually run many times that amount. Turns out, though, that some smaller projects can add instant curb appeal, make living in your abode more pleasant, and come with a manageable price.

Each returns under 58 percent of their cost compared to other home improvements which bring high ROI. Those include a new upscale garage door, new steel entry door, replacement garage door, manufactured stone veneer, and fiberglass attic insulation. These range from a 90.1 percent return up to 116.9 percent, with fiberglass attic insulation coming in at the top of the list. This proves smart home money-saving energy improvements certainly pay off big time.

Inexpensive Weekend DIY Home Improvements

If you are planning on selling your home, it's advisable to get a pre-listing home inspection. While you might believe you know all the issues with your house, there could be surprises lurking unseen. The goal is to make the property showable as buyers will notice anything that's wrong. Even if you aren't considering selling just yet but do want to make some changes, you can do one or more of the following inexpensive weekend DIY home improvements:

  • Give the front door a fresh coat of paint. The best way to go is to replace your existing front entry door with a new steel fixture. But, if you want to keep the cost down, all you need to do is to apply a fresh coat of paint. Don't go too bold, but do choose an accent color that works well. While you're at it, consider painting the trim with the same accent color to really set it off. Before you do either, be sure to power wash or pressure wash the exterior so it's clean and looks its best.

  • Install new kitchen hardware for an upgrade. One simple way to remake a kitchen is to do the same and paint the cabinets for a beautifying change. Another great and easy makeover is installing new kitchen hardware. Replace the cabinet pulls, knobs, hinges, and the kitchen faucet for remarkable results. Remember, small changes generally have big impact, so there's really no need for big projects.

  • Replace your old window treatments with new ones. If it's been more than five years since you've replaced your window coverings, it's probably time for a change. If it's been more than ten years, it's most definitely time to replace your old window treatments with new ones. Choose window coverings that are easy to keep clean and complement the decor so they don't look out-of-place or worse, clash.

  • Change out old bathroom hardware with up-to-date fixtures. The kitchen isn't the only room you can makeover by changing out the hardware. You can do the same in the bathroom by replacing the faucet and cabinet hardware. Also consider replacing the rug, towel racks, towels, and if you're feeling really adventurous, replace the vanity. Of course, it's entirely up to you, but such upgrades work wonders in an otherwise utilitarian space.

  • Put some real eye-catching pizzazz into your property's curb appeal. Did you know it takes just 7 to 10 seconds for a person to form an impression of a property the first time they see it? Additionally, only 1 out of every 10 people can imagine a space differently than it is presented. These are two reasons why curb appeal is so important. You do not have much time to make a positive first impression and very few people can reimagine spaces. So, make the curb appeal pop to attract more buyers.

If you are considering making some improvements to help sell your house here in Sarasota, just call us for more useful tips. We can market your property to sell and assist you in finding a new home.