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Do I Need A New Construction Home Inspection?


If you're relocating to Sarasota or are local and in the market to buy a home, you'll have plenty of options. There are several types of residences here, including ingle family resales, condos, townhomes, villas, and of course, new construction. In many places in Sarasota County, new developments are being planned, in the works, or, nearing completion. This gives new residents and locals alike a lot of options. New construction is a particularly attractive choice because it gives buyers the power to customize the property to their wants and needs. In addition, these homes generally come with builder warranties. However, it's still necessary to have a new construction home inspection before committing to a purchase.

Do I need a New Construction Home Inspection?

When you're ready to buy a home, you'll have a lot to do for proper due diligence. The process begins with pulling your credit files from the three reporting bureaus and reviewing each for accuracy. It's not at-all uncommon to find mistakes and you'll have to remove errors from your credit files in order to get a better mortgage interest rate. In addition, you'll have to find the right location for your commute and one that fits your lifestyle. New construction typically delivers on these and it also means you'll be the very first owner occupant.

This means the home will be built to the latest construction codes and will also be furnished with new appliances. Newly built homes also have an advantage when it comes to energy efficiency, and, you won't have to worry about taking-on any improvement projects, like a kitchen makeover. What's more, you'll have less maintenance to do when you're in a new construction home. Plus, you can typically negotiate some upgrades or features with the builder to make it an even better buy.

However, some buyers who are looking at new construction might wonder if it's worthwhile to have a home inspection conducted. The reasoning is, it's passed or will have to pass building inspection, and besides, it's completely new, so there's little to no need for a regular home inspection. That's simply not the case, and, if you are going to buy a newly built home, you should get a home inspection conducted by a licensed and experienced professional. Here are some reasons why a new construction home inspection is necessary:

  • The builder isn't present all-the-time during every phase of construction. The fact of the matter is, when a new home is built, the developer is often committed to several other projects at the same time. It's not uncommon for home builders to hire foremen, contractors, sub-contractors, and sub-subcontractors. While all these individuals are typically licensed and experienced, not every single aspect will be examined along the way. It's possible for builders to miss things here and there.

  • Municipal building inspections are predicated on and limited to minimum building standards. Though new construction homes must pass building inspections, these are limited to minimal code standards. A building inspector is primarily concerned with the safety of the home and that it meets code. They do not provide detailed inspections of all mechanical systems and components like home inspectors do.

  • Any material defects and problems should be known about prior to you taking possession and moving-in. Material defects are anything that compromise the safety of the home and/or negatively impact its value. For instance, a home inspector will note improper electrical wiring. If there are any material defects, it's better these are known prior to moving into the home so these can be rectified.

  • Defects can be identified and addressed before they result in more substantial and serious problems with the home. Some defects will be small enough for the building inspector to miss because this is just a cursory look-over the property. A home inspection will be far more detailed and can reveal any existing or potential problems prior to these becoming substantially larger and more costly.

  • When it comes time for resale, you and your potential buyer won't be taken by surprise at the very last-minute of the deal. A home inspection will give you peace-of-mind, and, it's great to be in-the-know because it will matter at resale. It's then the buyer will hire a home inspector and you don't want to be taken by surprise when the deal is so far along.

The bottom line is you want to take every precaution, even when you're buying a new construction home.