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Easy Kitchen Makeover Ideas

residence2If you’re considering selling your home and want to get the most return on your investment, having an updated kitchen is essential. The majority of homebuyers want move-in ready properties, and a new kitchen certainly is one way to make a huge impression. However, the average kitchen remodel costs $52,186, but brings a return of $39,761 ,or 76 percent. Even a minor kitchen remodel averages $17,867, but it brings back a return of 83 percent, or $14,825.

Those are certainly big price tags, but you can give your kitchen a makeover for less than $1,200. This is a great option if the space is outdated and you’re going to sell, or if you simply are looking for a change. What’s even better is these easy kitchen makeover ideas are perfect for do-it-yourself projects because they require no special skills or tools.

Simple Bathroom Updates

When you finish your kitchen makeover, you'll probably be excited to do a bit more improving. Tackle the bathrooms to fetch the best return on investment. Like the kitchen, the cost of an outright tear-out and remodel isn't inexpensive, averaging $15,035, but bringing a return of $11,629, or 77 percent. You can actually makeover a bath for a whole lot less. Just like the kitchen, it's simple changes that have the most impact.

Kitchen renovations are among the most expensive home-improvement projects, but it's possible to give a tired kitchen new life without breaking the bank. At the most basic, walls can be painted and cabinet hardware changed to freshen the look. At the high end, you can upgrade cabinets and appliances within the same footprint, which saves the expense and hassle of moving plumbing and electrical lines. Even investing in one great feature — a granite countertop, a pro-grade range, or a vintage appliance — can have a big impact. --This Old House

Start by decluttering, then, retire that old bath rug and put down a new one. While you're at it, say goodbye to those old towels and replace them with new ones. Next, replace those plain towel rack(s) and that ugly shower curtain. If the shower is equipped with doors, it's time to give them a thorough cleaning. Brush on a fresh coat of interior paint, and, change out the sink and faucet. Replace the old mirror for a new one, and, consider replacing the lights. Just these changes alone will completely transform the space, and, can be done in just a weekend or two.

Easy Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Getting started with a kitchen makeover is a cinch because it involves decluttering the countertops. Purge those items you never use, even decor pieces, to create more space and improve aesthetics. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the extra space you gain, and how less cramped your kitchen will begin to feel.

  • Brush on a fresh coat of interior wall paint. Choose a neutral, light color to get the best results. It not only makes the space look larger, it also makes it feel more welcome. It only takes a gallon or two to give it a whole new look.

  • Create some accent shelving. You don’t have to purchase and hang shelves, all you need to do is pick a hanging cabinet, and, remove the door. Then, paint the back wall with an accent color that pops. You can also opt to paint the shelves to give it a more bold look. Another idea is to remove the old door, paint the back wall, then, hang a glass door with wood framing.

  • Add crown moulding to the top of your cabinets. In most kitchens, there's space between the tops of the cabinets and the ceilings. To dress up your cabinets and give the entire space a more elegant look, install crown moulding along the top of your cabinets. For more of a transformation, paint your cabinets and replace the hardware to give them a whole new look.

  • Install some lighting. Fasten puck lights under the cabinets, and stretch rope lights along the kickplate. The puck lights act to illuminate work spaces, while rope light provides a sense of dimension and doubles as a nightlight.

  • Replace the faucet. Over time, faucets lose their luster and become dated. Replace your old kitchen faucet with a new one. If you want, you can also replace your kitchen sink. It isn't difficult and will do much to refresh the space.

  • Update the backsplash. You don’t have to be a master contractor to get a great look. Use peel-and-stick materials to make a simple change that delivers a big impact -- you’ll find an excellent variety to choose from. For those who are a bit more handy, installing new tile is a great option.

If you have a little more money in your budget, you can also update your countertops with laminate, or choose a whole new surface. Countertops come in a wide variety of colors, and can really give your kitchen a nice finishing touch for a low price.