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Top Reasons Buyers Choose A Home

IMG_7556You've put a lot of time, effort, and care into your home, and, now that it's time to sell, you're certain it will do so quickly and for a good price. After all, the furniture is arranged just right, looks great, and provides ample traffic and visual flow. It's made even better by the decor, which flows seamlessly from one room to another, extending a core theme that tights the entire interior together. All of this, not to mention, the great looking landscaping you put so much into, which is nothing short of simple, yet, sensational.

With so many wonderful features, and all the creature comforts, you can't imagine your home staying on the market for any length of time. In fact, you've done your homework and know the local real estate market is hot, and, because you're in one of the most desired locations in Sarasota, you'll be going to the closing table before you know it. Unfortunately, there's just a few problems with this thinking, which is to say, the furniture, as well as the decor, will go with you. The landscaping, although very nice, might not be to others' tastes, or worse, could present itself as a maintenance headache.

How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

One of the single largest mistakes home sellers make is believing their properties are in salable condition. They know a bit of tidy organization is needed, along with a super deep cleaning, but, nevertheless don't take into account that qualified and otherwise interested buyers just aren't interested in their lives, buyers are interested in buying a house they'll ultimately make into their own homes.

"Researchers spend a lot of time profiling buyers to find out how to market existing homes and how to design new homes to appeal to a broad market. As a seller, there are some things you may not be able to change easily about your homeā€”but the more you know about what attracts buyers, the more you can emphasize those features in your marketing materials and by staging your home."

For this and other reasons, it's important to think like a buyer and that's why you'll see the same advice time and again about depersonalizing your property. It's nothing personal about you, but about how the property will make an impression. It's also why you'll see over and over again the advice about decluttering, and, giving the curb appeal a bit more pop. You should highlight the best features in your home, let in plenty of sunlight, clean every single nook-and-cranny, set the table, and, be ready to show your home at any time. While this certainly is a lot of time and effort, it will pay off, and you'll get more return from your investment.

Top Reasons Buyers Choose a Home

If you want to really know what makes buyers choose a specific home over all its similar competitors, it's not about the furniture, decor, or, curb appeal, although these are definitely factors. The real reasons buyers choose a home are:

  • Location, location, location. You've heard this real estate reality so much, it's reached a new level of cliche. What you ought to note, and take seriously, is that it's an immutable fact. While there's nothing you can do to change it, you can at least make your home stand out. Since it's in a highly desired destination location, you'll have this advantage.

  • Priced right, priced to sell. Another big mistake home sellers make is to price their properties based on similar, comparable homes on the market. Why this is a mistake is simple: those homes haven't sold, so, their price isn't necessarily reflective of the local real estate market. Price your home based on comparable properties that have recently sold, preferably within the last three months.

  • Condition, inside and out. While this seems all-too-obvious, it's worth pointing out. The better condition your property is in, inside and out, the quicker it will sell, and, for the best price. In today's market, buyers just aren't interested in making repairs and doing upgrades.

  • Energy efficiency. This can't be overlooked because it's becoming such a big part of how we live. Technology is everywhere and with so much information just a click or tap away, buyers are able to learn a lot. It's not just the aesthetics of new appliances, it's more about energy efficiency and saving money month after month.

  • Natural surfaces everywhere. No matter whether it's countertops or floors, buyers turn away from laminate and linoleum. Instead, they decidedly prefer natural surfaces, such as granite, marble, hardwood, porcelain tile, and the like.

Two more features make the list of what home buyers most want in properties: closet space and outdoor living space. This is why it is so important to organize your closets, and, have a place to unwind and entertain outside.