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Ways To Make Your Home Look Luxurious

While your home might be your castle, it certainly doesn’t look as regal as you would like it to be, and, you're wondering how to make it look more luxurious without spending a pile of cash. You've seen all those spectacular images of picture-perfect homes on the internet and television and think you need a lot of money to get those results. The truth of the matter is, you really don't need to spend a whole lot to get the same look. It's all about small, strategic changes that give a home a completely different appearance. The good news is, it isn't about how much you spend, but, where you put your time and effort.

Interior designers and home stagers alike share one trade secret: they maximize by minimizing. In other words, it's not about how much, but where items are placed that makes the biggest difference. For instance, you've probably seen a kitchen with a nice accent shelf. It's airy and open with a sophisticated color pop. That particular look can easily be incorporated into your kitchen. Just choose a cabinet, unfasten the door, and paint the back wall (and shelves, if you wish). In just a few simple steps, you'll have the very same effect and for no more than the price of a pint of paint. For an even more elegant look, fasten a glass door to the front.

How to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Making a home luxurious starts with its curb appeal. The experience begins with a few simple changes, such as: spreading colorful mulch around the mailbox and front yard trees, planting flowers around along the walkway, and, giving the entryway a little attention. For a bigger impact, opt to install lights along the sidewalk, and give the windows and exterior walls a cleaning. If it's needed, give the exterior a fresh coat of paint.
Minor changes can be advantageous because they cost less and often net a greater return than the investment. If you have old tile or a dated tub, sink and toilet, consider replacing those items. If you keep the same layout there's not a lot of expense that has to go into it. Updating light fixtures, linens and accessories are easy ways to breathe new life into the space. --HGTV

Some other ways you can improve your home's curb appeal is to update the front door hardware. Change out that dull hardware for something a bit more eye-catching. You can also paint the front door to give it new life. If you want to take it all a step further, you can install a white picket fence or even wrought iron fencing. Both offer a nice look and add to the overall aesthetics of your front yard. Tidy-up everything that needs attention and that will provide the finishing touches to make a great impression.

Ways to Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Once the curb appeal is popping, you can move inside your home to make changes that will give it a more luxurious look. Remember, it's not about how much you spend, it's really about making eye-pleasing changes. Here are some clever, and sneaky, ways to make your home look luxurious:

  • Declutter decisively. Nothing makes a home look more dull and unorganized than lots of knickknacks scattered throughout the house. Pare down all knickknacks, books, magazines, and other decor pieces to provide a large sense of space. Your home will look more organized and less disjointed as a result.

  • Get rid of any grunge. No, not the dusty old CDs of 90's music, but the grunge that's overtaking the grout and baseboards. If you take a close look at these and other mundane things, you'll discover dirty and dull are everywhere. Steam clean hardwood to give it a new, fresh look.

  • Let there be (more) light. Designers routinely use light to separate spaces and you can do the same. For instance, your living room might benefit from new, improved lighting. Open window treatments to let more sunlight in and give your home a brighter look.

  • Change-up all the hardware. Keep in mind, details are everything when it comes to making an impression. Upgrade all the hardware in your home: interior door knobs, switch plates, cabinet pulls and hinges in the kitchen and bathrooms, and so on.

  • Brush on a fresh coat of paint. You probably don't think about the color of your walls too often, but this is a great way to transform the entire interior. Classy neutrals are a wonderful way to transform your home, especially if you paint door and window trims.

Another neat trick is to change-out the decor. Chances are excellent you haven't made any changes to the decor in your home since you first moved-in. One idea is to try a triptych for a focal piece in your living room. You don't need to commission a custom work of art, just find a striking, high-quality image on the internet, order an extra-large print, and divide it between three frames.