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How To Write A Listing Description To Sell Your Home Fast

Sarasota County is enjoying a robust real estate sales market. In the latest figures available, 1,174 residential closings were recorded in July, and, median home prices for single family dwellings came-in at $219,500, representing an increase of 9.2 percent from the same time last year. Pending sales also stayed strong, and, the Realtor Association of Sarasota and Manatee expects 2015 to be a record-breaking year.

Even in such a vibrant market, some homes will stay listed for sale many more days than comparable properties. The reasons are several for this dichotomy, but in general, it comes down to presentation. While location is the single largest factor in determining a home's market value, it certainly isn't the only one. For instance, the biggest, most lavish home, in a neighborhood with less extravagant, smaller properties, will likely be considered "over built."

Though your home might well be surrounded by similar properties, it still must stand-out from its competition. New construction is everywhere in Sarasota, and that means having to do a bit more to get the attention of qualified buyers in an age of on-demand information.

Tips to Timing the Real Estate Market

Some homeowners procrastinate, opting to wait to list their homes for sale. Right now, market conditions are quite favorable for sellers. Firstly, property values continue to rise, yet, remain affordable. Interest rates are at near historic lows, and credit modeling is more borrower friendly. However, the Federal Reserve is likely to reverse its present policy. Couple this with rising home prices, and, it demonstrates that now is a good time to sell.

“Even though you may think your home is superior to other properties in the area, it’s important to take a neutral, unattached approach to pricing your home. That means disregarding that the house next-door is selling for more even though you have a nicer porch and a better view; or overlooking the money, time and sweat you put into remodeling your kitchen. A home sale may not translate dollar for dollar.” --AOL Real Estate

Timing the market is difficult because it's not just as simple as staking a For Sale sign in the front yard and running a newspaper ad. There's much preparation to be done and that requires time to complete without rushing. You'll need some time to ready your home for sale so it will project a positive impression.

How to Get Top Dollar for Your Home

About 90 percent of all home searches begin online, which should come as no surprise. Buyers will view dozens or scores of properties before actually stepping foot in one or more. The listing description and images will have to impressive from first interaction. To make such an impression, your home will need to look its very best. Here are some ways to get your home to sell for top dollar:

  • Declutter far and wide. Space is one item high on every buyer’s checklist. So, declutter decisively, removing all personal items (you don't want these appearing in any listing photos). Your ideal goal is to empty all closets, pantries, cabinets, and garage, down to about thirty percent capacity. The more space buyers see, the more they'll want to see the home in person.

  • Paint the interior properly. If your home contains bold, colorful accent walls, or, personalized designs, now is time to make changes. A fresh coat of neutral paint will do much to make a good impression. Choose warm colors which seamlessly blend from one room to another to add some contrast but avoid clash.

  • Find and fix it all. No matter how small or incidental something might seem, it will get noticed by people touring the home. A broken cabinet hinge, a busted closet light fixture, a small hole in the wall where a cable once extended. Every little thing that's wrong will quickly add-up in the minds of buyers -- prevent this from happening by finding and fixing everything.

  • Up the curb appeal. People form an impression about a property within just 7 to 10 seconds of seeing it. Of course, the first thing potential buyers will see when they arrive is the front yard. You should power wash the exterior, put some fresh, colorful flowering plants out, and spread mulch around the mailbox and trees. The more welcoming it is, the better.

  • Purge any and all personal items. This bears repeating big time. Even if you manage to keep those family portraits out of the listing photos, they'll be a turn-off to potential buyers. It's psychological, sending a signal that you're not ready to let go and/or they are intruders.

One more important step to take to get your home to sell for more is to hire an experienced and local real estate team. You'll enjoy the benefits of bringing in an extensive network of buyers, plus, have the benefit of seasoned professionals to guide you through the entire process.