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Sarasota Relocation Guide

Sarasota is a wonderful place to live, not only because of its superb weather, but also, its many recreational opportunities. With an abundance of warmth, the Sunshine State lives up to its name, year after year. Here, there are no winter blues but there are plenty of things to see and do. Florida is a very business friendly state, one that offers some great incentives. It's also among the fastest growing, with more than 1,000 people relocating to Florida each and every day.

They come for the sub-tropical weather, for the white sand beaches, but also because the cost of living is less than it is in the northeast, even the midwest. This is because there's no need for heating oil, no snow and ice to contend with, and vehicles enjoy a much longer life. In addition to these, there's no income tax and the state offers a homestead exemption to residents that significantly lowers property taxes. Speaking of property taxes, unlike some other states, the peninsula best known for its many theme parks is also one that's free from property taxes on vehicles.

Sarasota is one place where quintessential Florida reigns supreme. Located right along the Gulf of Mexico in west central Florida, it's best known for its world-renowned white sand beaches and world class museums. It's home to dozens of golf courses, a multitude of tennis courts, plenty of equestrian pursuits, and much more. Because of the weather, residents are able to enjoy relaxing sunrises and sunsets, fishing, boating, hiking, camping, running, kayaking, sailing, and biking. All of this, not to mention the many dining choices, which range from come-as-you-are casual to white tablecloth. Retail therapy is never far away, there's a robust nightlife and entertainment atmosphere, as well as plenty of performing arts.

Moving to the State of Florida

If you're considering moving to Sarasota, you ought to know that you have plenty of choice when it comes to housing. Nearby the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay, you'll find everything from villas, to condos, to townhomes, to single family residences. Along the coast, condo units are very popular, these offer beach side living for a lot less than the cost of a single family home.
Sarasota has a host of urban amenities and the kind of small-town feel that will have you falling in love with the area the moment you arrive. Sarasota is a great place to live, work, and play. Walkability around town and the variety of businesses available make your "shopping day" safe, healthy and convenient. With downtown providing the dynamic heartbeat, this is a community with an abundance of outdoor activities both on the water and on land. Residents and visitors enjoy fishing, sailing, swimming, kayaking, and boating, and the indoor activities range from museums and galleries, to shows and the opera. There is truly something for everyone of every age. --City of Sarasota

If you want a neighborhood environment, then look toward the south, in developments like the master planned community of Palmer Ranch. Here, you'll find a family atmosphere. These communities are some of the newest and best amenity equipped in the entire area, offering all kinds of creature comforts.

Sarasota Relocation Guide Quick List

Relocating to Sarasota is an exciting proposition and one with a whole lot of promise. When you do make your move to Sarasota, you should do the following things:

  • Get to know the area before you commit. Depending on the lifestyle you most want, you'll find that the beach and inland areas to be different. Explore the area first and get to know it to make the best choice for your wants and needs.

  • Have an experienced real estate relocation to help. Relocating is a complicated affair and you should have an experienced relocation guide to help you make the transition. This is essential to finding the right neighborhood and home.

  • Enroll your children in school. The state allows thirty days for you to enroll your children in school. You can choose public, private, or home school. There are several wonderful learning institutions in the area.

  • Transfer your driver's license. You have thirty days from the date of your relocation move to transfer your out of state driver's license to the state of Florida.

  • Forward your mail. You should permanently forward your postal mail prior to your move, if you have already purchased a property in the Sunshine State.

  • Schedule utility services in advance. Schedule your electric, water, cable, and internet services to be turned on when you arrive. Some communities have homeowners associations, so, you might not have to independently schedule all of these.

  • Update your vehicle insurance and registration. Another thirty day deadline is to update your vehicle insurance and registration. In addition to these, you must also change your voter address in the same thirty day period.

You can also sell your current home and use the proceeds to purchase another residence in Sarasota.