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Palmer Ranch History

Palmer Ranch is a larger-than-life, massive, master planned real estate community, located between the cities of Sarasota and Osprey. It encompasses some astounding 80,000 acres and boasts a very rich history. Today, it is home to hundreds upon hundreds of residents. But it once was the site of rural cattle ranches. Palmer Ranch derives its name from the namesake of the visionary woman who first brought industry to the area.
There are twenty six communities in Palmer Ranch and all offer the best of Florida living. There is truly something for everyone in Palmer Ranch Sarasota and it is here you’ll find wooded preserves, lakes, trails, swimming pools, fitness centers, and many more resident amenities. No matter what type of residence, size, or features you're looking for, it's here waiting for you to discover. Speaking of discovery, the history of this beautiful master planned community is quite interesting.

Palmer Ranch History
"She dined with kings and dressed like royalty. She took the $8 million her late husband left her and turned it into $20 million. She had the confidence and bearing to transform wilderness into farms, and... read article

Homeowner Tax Tips And Mistakes

With the tax filing deadline fast approaching, homeowners might be scrambling to find as many deductions as possible. The great thing about home ownership is it allows for many write-offs, lessening the burden of the dreaded date arriving each year on April 15th. No matter what income bracket you might be in, taxes, particularly preparing a return, isn't fun, and it's why you wait until that latest possible moment to fill out those cumbersome, confusing forms.

About 74,000 pages in length, the U.S. Tax Code is one big book of rules, regulations, and of course, tables. It should come as no surprise that with such volume, it's difficult to know what is and what isn't allowable. One thing that most homeowners do know and rely on, is the mortgage interest tax deduction. This provides a way to lessen not only your tax obligation, but save money on the biggest investment in your lifetime.

However, there are more deductions and other ways to save on income tax. You probably are familiar with the most common of these write-offs, but since the income tax code changes so often, working out to an average of 1.8 percent in length each year over the past seven... read article

Sarasota, The Best Place To Live

The Sunshine State has a lot to offer and many localities have their own unique environment. One place outpaces all others in Florida, the Sarasota-Bradenton area, which bested many other communities on the peninsula According to a Gallup-Healthways poll, "The Bradenton-Sarasota area topped all other Florida communities as a satisfying place to live and ranked No. 23 in the nation out of 189 communities surveyed," the Bradenton Herald reports.

With a population of just over 52,500 residents, this resort city offers affordable living, with a median home price of slightly over $151,000 and a wonderful appreciation rate of nearly fifteen percent. The cost of living is quite attractive, coming in at 3.8 percent under the national average and the unemployment rate hovers around 5 percent. What's more, the area offers short commutes, with an average of only 19 minutes, compared to the nationwide average of 25 minutes. In addition to these, Florida has more to offer. There's no state income tax, property taxes are low, especially for those who claim a homestead exemption, and there's no snow or ice to contend with. Vehicles have a longer lifespan and the state lives-up to its promise of being a business friendly environment.

Because of... read article

Sarasota Relocation Guide

Sarasota is a wonderful place to live, not only because of its superb weather, but also, its many recreational opportunities. With an abundance of warmth, the Sunshine State lives up to its name, year after year. Here, there are no winter blues but there are plenty of things to see and do. Florida is a very business friendly state, one that offers some great incentives. It's also among the fastest growing, with more than 1,000 people relocating to Florida each and every day.

They come for the sub-tropical weather, for the white sand beaches, but also because the cost of living is less than it is in the northeast, even the midwest. This is because there's no need for heating oil, no snow and ice to contend with, and vehicles enjoy a much longer life. In addition to these, there's no income tax and the state offers a homestead exemption to residents that significantly lowers property taxes. Speaking of property taxes, unlike some other states, the peninsula best known for its many theme parks is also one that's free from property taxes on vehicles.

Sarasota is one place where quintessential Florida reigns supreme. Located right along the Gulf of Mexico in west... read article

Open House Etiquette Rules For Buyers And Sellers

Buying or selling a home means that you'll go to or host open houses. These events are, of course, meant to showcase the best aspects of a home, attract qualified buyers, and help to generate interest among buyers and real estate professionals. Though relatively few open houses bring an immediate purchase offer, they are necessary parts of the marketing strategy. That's because potential buyers will interact with other potential buyers and such an environment can create a sense of urgency.

Some real estate firms hold open houses practically every week for their seller clients, others place emphasis on certain days and times. Regardless of their preferences, if you are in the market to buy a home or are putting your house on the market for sale, you should be familiar with the etiquette rules of open houses.
Open House Rules for Sellers
If you are getting ready to sell your property, you want to make a big impression. That means a lot more than just keeping your home clean and tidy. Because nearly every single home search starts on the internet, that's where you'll start as well. Images are worth thousands of words, or dollars, in this case. Put yourself in a buyer's... read article

Features Buyers Most Want In A Home

If you're a homeowner who is seriously considering putting your property on the market, you ought to know the features which buyers most want. Sure, location is always a big factor, but with today's technologies, more and more people are working from home and commute, while still part of the equation, do not have as much impact as they did in the past. Consumers have become accustomed to better living, so it should come as no surprise, that's what's most sought.

Now is a great time to sell because the market here in Sarasota, as well as across Florida, and the nation, are experiencing some of the lowest interest rates in history. What's more, while home values have been recovering nicely over the past few years, prices are still affordable. Economists are expecting interest rates to fall further, decreasing from the current 4 percent 30-year loan and the 3.16 percent 15-year loan. In addition, those rates, while likely to go down, will begin to rise as the months tick off the calendar in the new year.

Not only is the timing right, but so is the overall trend in home purchases, which strongly favors homes with great, up-to-date features, especially those which... read article

Relocating: Sell And Buy Or Sell And Rent

The most difficult part of a relocation is timing the sale of your house when finding and getting into another property in another geographic area. Because most sellers can't afford to pay two mortgages simultaneously, they often opt to temporarily stay with family or friends and take their time to buy another house after selling their own property.

However, that's usually not the case when relocating out of state or across the state and that means having to come up with a plan in order to have a place to stay in the interim. That brings up another crucial point, striking the right balance for the best timing. Timing often matters because there's a schedule to meet. The move can be especially difficult if there is limited time and you need to move before you're likely to sell your current home. In that type of situation, it's probably more preferable to rent until you sell your home.

Though renting will come at a monthly cost, it is much more affordable than buying. A short term lease in a small place gives you the ability to look and not be rushed. What's more, if you do rent, you won't incur the normal costs... read article

Sarasota County Continues Record Real Estate Transaction Pace In October

October real estate transactions continued their record pace in Sarasota County, with 1,011 transactions, the fifth such time in eight months that levels have exceeded the one-thousand mark in the past eight months. The number of transactions bested the October 2013 totals by an impressive 23.3 percent, or, 191 more transactions over the same month last year, when 820 transactions were recorded. Single family home sales accounted for 723 transactions, while condos accounted for 288 transactions.

The figures also surpass the month prior by 77 transactions, or, 8.2 percent higher than September 2014, when 934 transactions took place. In the first ten months of the year, real estate sales are up by a total of 417 transactions over the same period in 2013, which saw 9,378 transactions, an improvement of more than 4 percent, climbing to 9,795 transactions.

“In the past few years, we haven’t observed a major drop off in sales in November and December. With the national economy picking up steam, and unemployment still dropping, I’m optimistic we’ll continue to see these strong numbers,” Sarasota Association of Realtors President Peter Crowley said.

In 2013, total transactions stood at the second-highest sales levels in the history of Sarasota County, falling short of... read article

May Real Estate Sales Streak Continues In Sarasota

Early summer in Sarasota County continues its strong sales stride with 1,100 closed transactions occurring in the month of May. Comprised of 747 single family property sales and 353 condo unit sales, the total represents a slight dip from April a month before, as well as year-over-year in May. Those months recorded 1,195 and 1,127 sales, respectively. However, the first five months of this year far surpass the hot streak seen the same time last year which proved to be historic.

"Sarasota County real estate is such an amazing success story in the past two years, particularly coming from where we were in 2010. I think this is a tribute not only to our home market, which is one of the best in the nation, but also to our collective group of SAR brokers and agents who have truly upped their game. We emerged from a tough environment and are now leading the pack," President Peter Crowley, the Sarasota Association of Realtors said.
Median Prices Continue Pace in Sarasota County
Prices seem to be at parity with buyer sentiment, as the median prices in May remained stable from April. For single family residences, as well as condos, median prices saw an increase from... read article

Turtle Rock Real Estate Report For May 2014

Located in the master-planned community of Palmer Ranch in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, are twenty-three communities. At the southern end of the development lies Turtle Rock, a gated, secure, single family community, with many amenities and over 500 acres of wetland set aside for wildlife. This community, built in the 1990's, is one of the most magnificent places to embrace the tropical lifestyle. Complete with a community clubhouse, large swimming pool, tennis courts, a basketball court, children's playground, a nature trail and well-landscaped sidewalks, it's ideal for lazy weekends, quiet nights, and evening strolls.

Turtle Rock by the Numbers
In the month of May, the community boasted an upward real estate market, which included:
6 New listings with an average listing price of $413,417
6 Homes sold during the month with an average sales price of $386,658

Inside the Numbers
Turtle Rock performed very well against its nearby community competition:
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4872 Sabal Lake Cir Sarasota 34238
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4720 Sweetmeadow Cir... read article